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About the company

The Agnostics HB (handelsbolag, swedish term for small companies, two or more equal owners) was founded on the spring of 2007 with the goal to develop specific software on demand to simplify daily tasks.
Sofar the development has been smaller projects with starts as either per on-demand basis (ex. Reporter) or our own ideas.
The company today is constituated of the two owners; Erik Höglund and Robert Dahlström.

Erik Höglund

Writes code for windows-systems and Pocket PC. Also writes database applications in php and MySQL. Sits for hours and contemplates the deeper meanings of life while meantime cracks more earth-like technical problems that occur in the daily routines.
Codes in HTML/Javascript/PHP/SQL/c(c++)/c# depending on what is more viable for the current task.

Robert Dahlström

Does most of everything. This wide basis gives him the opportunity to find improbable solutions to every kind of problem. If he gets to decide, it usually means development in linux and, for the moment, the most applicable language (one of Python, PHP, C/C++, Java).
Accidently it usually becomes PHP/SQL/(X)HTML/CSS/Javascript in spite of obvious esthetical flaws.