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Still use manual time reporting at your company?
Does the person responsible for salaries a nervous breakdown each month because of endless lists of checking and adding columns of times?
Are your employees able to remember a password?
Do you want a simpler way to manage schedules?
Do you want to change your employees schedules from any location (with computer and internet access)?

If above answer is Yes to any of above questions, then Agnostikerna have developed a sstem that might fit your needs.
The progrm is in reality a web-site that is managed from your own servers. It contains tabs for different parts (modules) in the program.


The program contains two different interface, one for administrators and one for users. Users can login/logout, check schedules, mark tasks as completed, mark temperatures as verified and send/read messages to/from other users within the system
Administrators can add new users andd groups, change group affiliations. Add new temperature checks. Add and schedule new tasks for users. Add and change schedules for users. Set standard schedules to simplify scheduling. Change logged time for users, check time reports, print time reports. List miscellaneous information in the system.

Contact us to have the program demonstrated, currently not translated into english, but it will be done if there is demand for it. If you know of other features that you would need (like) it is possible for us to implement it for a small fee.
A demo is available here (currently only in swedish).
Passwords the same as usernames.