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Update DHS (XP or later, not 2000)

A small windows application that automatically updates your ip adress against servers.
Obs! You need to have the possibility to connect to an outside webserver where you can store a php page to obtain your current global ip-adress.

Unpack the files to a new folder on your computer.
Add a link in "%USERPROFILE%\Start-menu\Program\Autostart\" or your current autostart folder. (might differ on localized version of windows) Double click to register "udhs.reg", Contains some registry data that is used by the program.
Run the application and right-click on the IP symbol near your clock (lower right corner on standard setups). Choose "Setup". Fill in the missing fields.

Restart the program. If everything went well, the IP should turn green after a few seconds. This implies that it retrieved an ip number and updated with that ip.
Please note that it might be as much as half an hour before your IP adress has been transmitted to all dns records after that it has been changed with

To uninstall;

  1. Remove the autostart link created above.
  2. Remove the folder where you unpacked your copy.
  3. Start->Run...
    regedit, press OK.
    Expand to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\StarEnterprise.
    Remove the subfolder "updateDHS", or possibly the whole StarEnterprise folder, if it is now empty.

Download here...

Command Prompt button in explorer (Windows 7)

A register-file and a .bat-file that adds a button in Explorer to open Command Prompt in the current folder.
Obs! requires windows 7 and that you change permission on the registry key in question.

Extract archive in folder of your choosing.
Open registry editor, Start->Run regedit
Browse to
Change permission on the key {5c4f28b5-f869-4e84-8e60-f11db97c5cc7} by transferring ownership to your username.
Doubleclick .reg-file "cmd_inb_folder.reg", accept the import.
Browse to
Change the path to the .bat-file to wherever you extracted it in the first step. (This is nescessary if you want to open a command prompt even if you have selected one or more files...)
YOu can change the colours by changing the numbers after "/t:", if you remove the variable completely, standard colours will be used.
This only adds command prompt button in generic folders.

To uninstall

  1. Open registry editor.
  2. BRowse to
  3. Remove both keys "0" under "TasksItemsSelected" and "TasksNoItemsSelected".
  4. Remove the .bat-file and the .reg-file

Download here...


A small utility to quickly renaming all files in a folder.

Extract the archive and run install (.bat) to copy the executable to the windows directory. Or you can manually add the path in the systems %PATH% variable.

Use with this syntax

renamer <path> <match string> <new structure>


Download here...


A small program for renaming all files in a folder, including subfolder from .php to .php5, and from .php5 to .php. To simplify the transaction between web-servers that currently run php4 that will soon be upgrading to php5.

The program goes through every file and simultanously renames all internal referenses in the same manner. Just start the program and click the button that corresponds to the operation to perform, then choose the folder you want to parse.

Download here... note. The code requires .Net framework 2.0

Swedish keyboard layout (windows)

A msi package for those that are missing a swedish keyboard layout in windows. Made with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.

Install and go to Control Panel, open Regional and Language Options.

Download here...